1. Claim Report

You could report the incident at Garda Akses 1500112 ext 2. Keep in mind that the reporting time does not exceed time limit as stated in the policy.

2. Submit Documents

Submit the claim report supporting documents  to email ccl@asuransiastra.com. Below are the required documents;

  • Policy or Insurance Certificate
  • Claim Report Form of Insured
  • Official report/chronology of incidents that indicate:
    1. Date of loss;
    2. The origin of loss;
    3. Matters happened before, during and after the incident;
    4. Initial information over parts of damage;
    5. Drawings / sketch of situations / location condition during the incident; and
    6. Operator signature, the person in charge and other related parties.
  • Details of loss that is supported by repair offering (RAB, quotation, etc.) and photographs related to the damage.
  • Other relevant documents requested by the insurer related to claims settlement.

Disclaimer:  Additional documents may be required for certain cases. Please ask the person in charge at Asuransi Astra.

3. Claim Settlement

Our underwriter team will verify the data and re-examine the incident report. If indeed the incident covered by the policy, then the compensation will be given.

langkah / prosedur klaim garda oto