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Health Insurance

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Protect your employees’ health with affordable price and enjoy the flexibilities of our services and benefits. Trust the management of your employees’ health to Garda Medika that offers comprehensive protection from basic products to additional products with many advantages, such as:

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With this application, HR PIC can monitor all employee benefits and claims history, find about provider locations, as well as track claim summary every month.
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Enjoy our service in more than 900 quality hospital network providers available nationwide.
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Ask us about the nearest provider and product information of Garda Medika at Garda Akses 1 500 112.
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By showing Garda Medika card at our partner provider, you don’t have to pay cash for your medical expenses.

Emergency Assistance Services

Garda Siaga - Layanan darurat kendaraan bermotor dari Asuransi Astra - Emergency Medical Assistance
Logo Garda Siaga - Layanan darurat kendaraan bermotor dari Asuransi Astra - Emergency Roadside Assistance - Emergency Medical Assistance

Garda Siaga Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA) is ambulance and motorcycle services that are equipped with standard medical equipment and certified paramedics to handle emergencies encountered by Garda Medika and Garda Oto customers. Currently, there are 22 EMA evacuation points in Jabodetabek area that are ready 24 hours to serve customers.

Customers who encounter emergency situation can simply call Garda Akses 24-Hour. Once the report is received, Garda Siaga staff will be launched to customers’ location to give preliminary treatment.

24-Hour Contact Center

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At Garda Akses, you can find out about product information, member’s benefit, provider location, claim service, and emergency service 24/7.

Operator Call Center 24 Jam - Garda Akses
Call Center Staff - Garda Akses 24 Jam - 1500112

Whatever your insurance need is, Asuransi Astra is ready to give you peace of mind.

1 500 112

The Cashless Procedure for Inpatient and Outpatient Claim

Prosedur Klaim Mudah Asuransi Kesehatan Garda Medika - Step 1 - Tunjukkan Kartu Garda Medika


Customer must show his/her Garda Medika card upon registering at a provider.
Prosedur Klaim Mudah Asuransi Komersil Asuransi Astra - Step 2 - Kirim Dokumen


The provider will perform validation via Garda Akses/EDC machine. Showcard will be used for inpatient customers while outpatient will be validated by using EDC machine.
Prosedur Klaim Mudah Asuransi Kesehatan Garda Medika - Step 3 - Menjalanin Perawatan


Customers receive treatment. Customers will be asked to show the card again at the end of treatment.
Prosedur Klaim Mudah Asuransi Kesehatan Garda Medika - Step 4 - Pembayaran


If the limit is sufficient, the cost of treatment will directly covered by Garda Medika. If not, payment is required for all charges that won’t be covered by Garda Medika.