Garda Mobile OtoCare Managed by Asuransi Astra

    1. Your Security and Privacy are Our Priorities

We understand that providing information online requires enormous trust from you and this is our priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data information you provide (‘Data’). We will only collect Data that is necessary and relevant to transactions, manage and store your Data as long as it is required by law or as long as such information is still relevant to the initial purpose of collecting Data. While using our mobile apps, your name as a User will be recorded in Our log.

    1. Data We Collect from You
      1. When you use our mobile apps, the Data We collect, including but not limited to:
        1. User Profile, among others, including but not limited to Username, e-mail address, telephone number, password, and address. This Data is collected during the account creation and updates;
        2. Detailed transaction Data, among others, including but not limited to the type, amount, and/or description of the product or service purchased, shipping address, payment channel used, number of transactions, date and time of transaction. This Data is collected when using the service on the mobile apps;
        3. Payment Data, including, among others, including but not limited to bank account data, credit card, virtual account, instant payment, internet banking, retail outlet. This Data is collected when the User performs payment transaction activities through the mobile apps; and/or
        4. Permission to access User devices Camera,File/Media & Contact List when using features on the mobile apps.
        5. Content of any kind of communication message when contacting Us, including through Our Garda Akses customer service;
      2. When you use Our mobile apps, the Data recorded includes but is not limited to:
        1. Real location Data or its estimates such as IP address, Wi-Fi location, and geo-location;
        2. The Data, in the form of time from each User’s activity, including registration, login, and transaction activities;
        3. Usage Data or User preferences, among others, User interaction in using the mobile apps, stored options, and selected settings. The Data is obtained by using cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies that create and maintain unique identifiers;
        4. Device Data, among others, the type of device used to access the mobile apps, including hardware model, its operating system and version, software, its file name and version, language selection, unique device identifier, advertising, serial number, device movement information, and/or cellular network information;
        5. Log Data, among others, notes on servers that receive data such as device IP address, date and time of access, application or page features viewed, application work process and other system activities, browser types, and/or mobile apps or third-party service that you use before interacting with the mobile apps.
    2. Use of Data

We may use or combine all or part of the data which is obtained, collected, and recorded from the User as specified in the previous section on matters, including but not limited to:

      1. To process all forms of requests, activities, and transactions carried out by the User through the mobile apps, including to send products to the User.
      2. To make available features to provide, realize, maintain, and improve Our products and services, including but not limited to:
        1. To offer, obtain, provide, or facilitate insurance services, and other products through the mobile apps;
        2. To do internal activities required to provide services on Our mobile apps, such as software troubleshooting, bug, operational problem, to conduct data analysis, testing, and research, and to monitor and analyze the trends in use and activity.
      3. To help the User when communicating with Our Garda Akses, customer service, including, but not limited to
        1. To investigate and resolve the User’s problem;
        2. To direct the User’s question to the Customer Service officer in charge to resolve the problem; and
        3. To supervise and improve the response of Our Garda Akses, customer service.
      4. To contact the User through, including but not limited to, e-mail, letter, telephone, fax, etc., including but not limited to, assist and/or complete the transaction process and the problem-solving process.
      5. To use the Data for the purpose of research, analysis, development, and testing of products to improve the security and safety of services on the mobile apps, and to develop new features and products
      6. To inform the User about the products, services, promotions, studies, surveys, news, latest developments, events and others, through the mobile apps or other media. We may also use that information to promote and process contests and sweepstakes, give prizes, and provide relevant advertisement and content about Our services and Our business partners.
      7. In certain circumstances, We will use or disclose User Data for law enforcement purposes or to fulfill applicable legal and regulatory requirements, including in the event of a dispute or legal process between the User and Us or other related third parties.
    1. Disclosure of User’s Personal Data

We guarantee that there will be no sale, transfer, distribution, or loan of your Data to other third parties, without your written consent, except in the following events:

      1. It is necessary to disclose User Data to partners or other third parties assisting Us in presenting services on mobile apps and processing all forms of User activities on mobile apps, including but not limited to processing transactions, verifying payments, and shipping products/services.
      2. It is necessary to provide relevant information to Our business partners in accordance with the User’s agreement to use the business partner’s services, including among others other apps or websites that have each integrated API (Application Programming Interface) or its services, or business partners that We have collaborated to deliver promotions, contests, or specialized services
      3. There is a need for communication between Our business partners (such as logistic providers, payments, etc.) and User in terms of resolving constraints or other matters.
      4. It is necessary to provide relevant information to vendors, consultants, marketing partners, research firms, or similar service providers.
      5. User contacts Us through public media such as blog, social media, and certain feature on the mobile apps, communication between Users and can be seen publicly.
      6. Provision of User information to Our affiliates is to help provide services or process data for Us and on Our behalf.
      7. In an effort to comply with legal obligations and/or legitimate requests from law enforcement officials.
    1. Cookies
      1. Cookies are small files that automatically take place within the User’s device that performs the function in storing User preferences and configurations while visiting Our website.
      2. These cookies are not intended to be used when accessing data owned by the User on the User’s computer/cellular device, other than those that have been approved by the User to be submitted.
      3. Although the User’s computer/cellular device will automatically receive cookies, User can choose to make modifications through the User’s browser settings, which is by choosing to reject cookies (this option can limit the optimal services while accessing the website).
      4. We may use features provided by third parties in order to improve Our services and content, including among others adjusting and presenting advertisements to each User based on interest or history of visits. If you do not want the advertisements to appear based on that adjustment, you can set it through the browser.
    2. Data Storage and Deletion

We will store the Data as long as the User account remains active and can delete according to the provisions of the applicable law.

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    2. Contact Us

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    1. Language

This Privacy Policy is entered into in Indonesian language and English language. Should there be a difference in the interpretation between the text in Indonesian language and English language of this Privacy Policy, the Indonesian language version shall prevail.

    1. Your Consent

By using Our mobile apps, you acknowledge and realize that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and agree to Our collection, management, and storage of your Data as stated in this Privacy Policy.

You also give Us the right, power, and authority to use your Data, in accordance with the provisions stated in this Privacy Policy