Human Capital Analyst

Other | Head Office, Jakarta Selatan

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Job Description :
– Menentukan benefit karyawan dengan melakukan benchmark & research trend
– Memberikan rekomendasi benefit karyawan
– Menjelaskan benefit karyawan dengan cara mengadakan meeting, atau menerbitkan surat edaran / keterangan

Minimum Qualifications :
– Pendidikan minimal Sarjana (S1) Teknik / Psikologi
– Memiliki kemampuan numerik / matematika yang baik
– Berpengalaman pada bagian Organizational Development, Compensation & benefit
– Kemampuan yang harus dimiliki : matematika, microsoft Excel
– Kemampuan komunikasi dan analisa yang baik

Job Description :
– Determines employee benefit practices by benchmarking best practices; researching industry and employment trends; tracking legislation and estimating impact.
– Recommends employee benefit programs by examining, evaluating, and optimizing employee understanding, acceptance, and interests, costs, regulatory requirements, and competitive advantage.
– Explains employee benefits by conducting meetings; preparing written and graphic announcements and explanations; responding to requests

Minimum Qualifications :
– Candidate must possess at least Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering/Science/Psychology (other majors are allowed but must have good skills in calculations / mathematics)
– Experienced in Organizational Development, Compensation & Benefit
– Required Skills: Mathematics, Microsoft Excel
– Good communication & analytical skills

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