Alumni Sharing & Campus Hiring Universitas Brawijaya – Malang

Information Technology | Jakarta,Head Office

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Asuransi Astra will hold an Alumni Sharing Event, where the speakers is an Alumni from Brawijaya University!
At this event, you will have an opportunity to listen about working experience at Asuransi Astra. Furthermore, you have a chance to ask one or as many questions as you like to your Alumni!
After Alumni Sharing event, we will have a campus hiring session, where we will conduct test & interview with our users!
The event will be held on 19 & 20 March 2020, at Brawijaya University!
For those of you who wondering about our open vacancies, there will be 3 open positions:
  • IT Business Analyst’ :
    • Bridging the Business User and IT Team by defining the IT Service
    • Monitoring project in all process
    • Making report of the project
    • Giving information about project’s status to Business User.
  • IT Developments’ :
    • Planning, creating, testing, repairing, and building installation on computer application program with User to optimize the apps.
  • IT Governance :
    • Reviewing IT Processes (Scrum, Waterfall, etc)
    • Research newest technology to date (helps us minimize bugs)
    • Benchmarking to any other start-up about their latest technology
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