Filing a claim in Garda Oto is very easy. You can report the incident through Garda Akses contact center – 1 500 112 that will assist you 24 hours or visit the nearest branch office/Garda Center.

Please note that the report of the incident must be filed at least within five days after the incident takes place, as stated in the policy. Our staff will help to explain the procedure and other required information. Here are the procedures for claim in Garda Oto:

1. Incident Report

To ease the claim process, make sure you have collected all the required documents:

  • A Copy of Insurance Policy
  • A Copy of Vehicle Registration
  • A Copy of Driver’s License
  • Statement from local police precinct

You are required to have additional documents to file for the following claims:

  • Total loss claim due to malicious act (e.g. theft)
    • Statement Letter of Missing Vehicles from Kaditserse Polda
    • Statement Letter for Revocation of Registration
    • If deemed necessary, further investigation will be carried out by Independent Investigation Agency
  • Claim for damage due to accident
    • Lawsuit from third party – if any

After all the above documents are completed, simply visit the branch office/Garda Center and fill in the claim form – detailing the chronology of the incident in the loss/incident report. Please note that each incident must be reported no more than five days after the incident takes place, as stated in the policy.

Asuransi Astra

2. Vehicle Survey

Our surveyor will inspect the damage and determine the repair plan.

3. Work Order

The result of the survey and the repair plan will be studied and the result will be given to customers in the form of Work Order.

4. Vehicle Repair

In this phase, we will take your care to the auto shop to be repaired based on the Work Order. We will contact you once the repair is completed.