innovative, dynamic, sexy

We believe that working should be fun, educating, and is something that makes you excited and jump out of bed each morning.

Job Openings

Reasons to Build Your Career Here

Fun Working Environment

We believe that fun and joyful working condition will encourage every individual to be more proactive and innovative, and able to give their best contribution.

Through our ‘Asuransi Astra Innovate’ – an improvement and innovation activity, and other activities, Asuransi Astra wants to ensure a fun atmosphere in the company’s working environment every day.

Moreover, the company offers wide-ranging facilities for employees such as various sports facilities, clubs for hobbies up to other supporting facilities such as clinics, nursing areas, canteens, banks, ATMs and so forth.

Sexy Team

Imagine collaborate and hang out with people who are smart, innovative, dynamic and always “Sexy” (which stands for Serving Excellence for You). Come join and be part of the team that will make you thrive in a fun way.

Solid Employee Development Program

In Asuransi Astra you have the opportunity to receive international-level employee development programs, such as the JETS (Jardine Executive Trainee Scheme), and insurance education and training from trusted institutions overseas, such as Hong Kong and Malaysia. You will also have the opportunity to receive leadership trainings with Astra standards that aim to maximize your potential.

Asuransi Astra solid development team

Application Journey

seleksi administrasi / pre screening


Once you submit your application, it goes through a pre-screening process depending on the position you’re applying for. If we find a match, your profile will be shortlisted.


At this stage you will be given a range of tests used to assess personality, cognitive level, and a range of mental abilities. This test will also determined the starting point of your development roadmap here in Asuransi Astra.


The interview is an opportunity to get to know each other better, and for you to tell us what makes you stand out. You are encouraged to share your career objectives, skills, as well as your growth plan.


The last step is a medical test to ascertain if you are physically fit to start working. If you succeed, congratulations because it means you are now welcomed to join the big family of Asuransi Astra!